HR Consultancy

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HR  Compliance / HR Audit

Maintaining HR compliance is crucial for mitigating risks within your business.  Conducting an HR audit helps to identify potential risks and provide tailored solutions through robust HR policies, practices and procedures.  In doing so a business owner ensures effective risk management of the HR function within the business.  If we honestly believe your business does not required our services we will be provide you advice on the appropriate course of action, with no obligation to you or your business.

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HR practices, policies and procedures

Well defined HR practices, policies and procedures offer clear guidance to both leadership and staff.  Our HR consultancy services specialise in assessing, developing and refining HR practices and policies to minimise risks to your business, whilst ensuring compliance with employee rights and entitlements.  Our goal is to help you establish a robust framework that provides clarity and direction to all stakeholders within your business.

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Managing poor performance / conduct

As a leader, one of the most challenging tasks is conducting difficult conversations with employees on matters of poor performance and/or conduct.  These conversations can adversely affect team culture if not handled discretely and effectively, with prompt resolution being essential to prevent ongoing issues.  Our HR consultancy service can manage these discussions on behalf of your leadership team, taking the burden away from your business and ensuring constructive and positive outcomes.  We can also facilitate or coach leaders through difficult conversations, ensuring professionalism and empathy is maintained throughout the process.

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Probity / safeguarding

Maintaining probity and safeguarding of others should be front of mind in a business at all times.  This includes throughout the recruitment, selection, reference checking, complaints management, conduct, performance and record keeping processes.  Our HR consultancy recognises the importance of an overarching safeguarding theme across all HR practices.  We help businesses implement robust measures and guidelines to ensure HR processes are aligned with ethical and legal standards, promoting a culture of integrity and safety for all.

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